Are You Keeping Up?

SS&C offers Trading Assistant as a powerhouse FX Prime Brokerage settlements solution. Our solution can scale to meet the rapidly growing FX transaction volume and provides turnkey functionality and integration for a seamless yet separated environment for managing your FX Prime Brokerage business:

Front to Back Office Functionality

  • >99% STP
  • Swift and CLS Message Compliance
  • Very high daily transaction scaleability and throughput
  • Stable, reliable, and time tested across the globe
  • Come learn how SS&C's Trading Assistant can help your organization or Prime Broker scale up its FX operation and be a leader in FX processing.

Trading Assistant's ability to deliver such large volume processing is not simply a function of its technical platform, but also of its functionality. In fact, STP was invented here with delivery of functionality called "Auto Trade Release", which permits SS&C customers to configure its own STP rules and achieve > 99.5% STP for FX. However, even such a high STP rate can mean large amounts of daily exception processing. Say your shop is processing 200,000 FX trades per day. That still leaves 1,000 trades requiring some form of exception processing, and Trading Assistant routes these exceptions very effectively to the appropriate people, in a real time basis, for immediate and timely affirmation.

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Is your FX Prime Brokerage business growing faster than you can support it?