Fragmented Markets

As markets continue to fragment, orders size continues the downward slide and with latency issues around Reg NMS how is one to manage order flow in liquid instruments?

As exchanges continue to consolidate on a global scale where will firms continue their search of returns?

When will the electronification and fragmentation of other instruments take place and who will be there with a global electronic system?

Jessica Vannie of SS&C Technologies agrees there is a problem with consolidating trading information and order flow in to one central application and offers a solution. "Antares is the complete trade order management system that makes it simple to trade and report all types of securities...all from one client-server application. Pre-trade compliance, real-time position and P&L reporting, "what-if" analysis, FIX connectivity, and portfolio modeling are just some of the features that set Antares apart."

SS&C Technologies Antares continues to develop a global trade order management system with an eye to the ever changing markets and exchanges.

Key Benefits of Antares

  • Standard access point is available providing aggregated details on portfolio holdings and trades

  • Different grouping options such as industry sector, long/short, manager, currency and exchange can be selected with a click of a button to trade

  • Controls operational risk using proactive and automated exception handling and workflow management tools

  • Instant access to over 500 global electronic dentations including ECNs and DMAs

  • Flexible, adaptable and user defined workflows