TradeDesk's Powerful Workflow Routing and Management Functionality

The main task of TradeDesk's Workflow management functionality is to ensure the smooth flow of a trade ticket from front office initiation through settlement, clearing and back office posting while guaranteeing the security, control and audit of the transaction flow. Operational risk is controlled using proactive exception handling via the workflow management. Trades are subjected to various analysis and confirmation checkpoints through user friendly review and click interfaces while passing through the front, middle and back office.

Different transactions have different business rule requirements. Configured by the client, Tradedesk Workflow has limitless combinations of customized business rules exception routing and handling possibilities. Rules and limits can be based on traded instrument, counterparty, broker/dealer or dollar amounts. Incomplete tickets can be flagged for missing customer, security or transaction information. These exceptions are then routed to a repair queue for resolution by customer defined responsible party or relevant department. Some violations may be handled and advanced by junior staff members while other violations may need to be routed to a higher level associate for review and execution. You define and manage the flow according to your company's compliance requirements and controls. All alerts and action are logged and time stamped for immediate or future review by auditors and controllers.

In short, TradeDesk Workflow allows a formal process of review, approval, rejection, execution or escalation all defined by you the customer. The minimized risk results in fewer costly fails and reversed tickets.