Automating Corporate Treasury

Never before have market and business conditions necessitated treasury to implement a streamlined and automated environment to the extent that they do today. Recent environmental drivers are increasing the demands on, and visibility of, treasury making it impossible for treasury departments to function at an optimal level without the visibility, controls and analytics only available in an automated environment.

Sarbanes Oxley, which requires companies to verify the adequacy of their internal financial controls, is causing headaches for countless corporate treasurers. How can treasurers make compliance easier? One answer is automating and integrating treasury processes.

Automating corporate treasury has two main advantages. Firstly, straight-through processing reduces the number of controls by eliminating all unnecessary manual intervention. Secondly, electronic controls can be monitored and documented automatically, reducing both time and the risk of error.

Despite the initial investment required by this type of systems overhaul, automating treasury management ultimately saves companies money by creating processes that are both more efficient and less expensive to run. Furthermore, by installing state-of-the-art systems now, companies can be confident that they are prepared for any further regulations or best practice guidelines that may be introduced in the future.

SS&C's TradeThru supports all business requirements for Corporate Treasuries from deal capture, to credit and risk management, to state of the art cash flow forecasting and analysis, to advice generation and accounting.

Front-office: TradeThru provides support for a wide range of asset classes; robust pre-trade analytics; and fast, flexible deal capture.

Middle-office: TradeThru offers a rich suite of risk management, cash flow forecasting and analysis, and credit management functionality.

Back-office: TradeThru provides a user customizable workflow process that allows back office managers define the workflow that they want, one that allows them to spend time on the exceptions, not the rule.