Examining the challenges that hinder your evolution

By: William Vellek

Legacy systems and processes are a very real problem for today’s wealth managers. These systems lack integration, struggle to scale with increased data from new asset classes, and require manual workarounds that introduce operational and reputational risk. Capturing market opportunity, managing exposures, and achieving business objectives for growth require a nimble operational infrastructure that can easily adapt to the ever-evolving investment market.

What challenges are hindering your evolution?

Are you managing complex models and diverse portfolios?
Today’s evolved investment manager needs to adjust investment strategies quickly to maximize returns for investors within risk tolerance levels.

Do you trade in global markets and multiple asset classes?
The rapid pace of market movement requires a dynamic trade and order management solution that manages client accounts, makes the right trades, and settles transactions.

Do you need to simultaneously rebalance multiple portfolios?
Evolved investment managers need the ability to rebalance one portfolio at a high-touch level or multiple portfolios to adjust back to a model. They must adhere to strict pre- and post-trade compliance to ensure portfolios are managed within investment guidelines.

Is multi-currency support a priority?
Now more than ever, investment managers need powerful accounting functionality and flexibility to support workflows and processing requirements for all global currencies.

Do you need to improve your operational efficiency and reduce your manual processes?
Strong operational processes and controls are critical to ensure timely trade settlement and to maintain accurate accounting records.

Are you in need of robust performance and attribution?
Comprehensive and flexible performance measurement and attribution solutions provide better information faster and keep infrastructure costs down.

Would you like to provide more effective client statements and a better portal experience?
Dynamic client statements and portal experiences are critical to attracting and retaining clients.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let us show you how our cutting-edge technology and expertise can help you rise above the competition.

SS&C offers the most comprehensive front-to-back office solutions and services in the marketplace (portfolio management, pre-post trade compliance, order management, trading, and performance and attribution). We provide end-to-end solutions to assist with highly complex, transaction-driven processes in accounting, trade operations, client administration, and data support and management. If you’re an investment manager with complex investment needs, our solutions can help you effectively manage any program, strategy, or asset class. We work with a range of clients, from independent wealth managers with elaborate investment strategies, to global investment firms managing institutional and high net worth accounts.

To learn more about our solutions for wealth managers, contact William Vellek at 212-659-4449 or wvellek@sscinc.com.