A sound foundation guarantees effective risk management

By: John Hansen

To effectively manage these risks in your operation, you must first be able to identify them. Step one is to gain the necessary insight into your operations activities. In order to do this successfully, all of your treasury activities should take place on a single solution. This gives you a sound foundation upon which to build out your risk management capabilities.

The Global Treasury Manager (GTM) treasury and capital markets solution from SS&C gives you that foundation. GTM effectively tracks and manages all of your organization’s risks in real time.  

Its main features include:

  • Robust pre-trade analytics to ensure compliance with preset credit lines and limits
  • Real-time recalculation of lines and limits based on market changes
  • Cash and liquidity management with real-time updates of currency positions
  • Interest rate risk tracking with the ability to perform scenario and stress testing
  • Market risk analysis including value at-risk and option sensitivities
  • Customizable workflow builder
  • Real-time operations dashboard for up-to-the-second tracking of all transactions
  • Customizable trade confirmation matching
  • Audit functionality that tracks changes to all data
  • Support for best practices procedures that adhere to your compliance and regulatory policies

Global Treasury Manager from SS&C is a fully integrated end-to-end processing solution that offers support across the entire transaction lifecycle, from customizable transaction entry to real-time risk management, to confirmations, SWIFT, and accounting.    

GTM delivers a market-leading, front- to back-office solution for the trading and treasury operations of corporate treasuries and commercial and central banks across the globe. GTM and its predecessor applications are time-proven; some of the most demanding banking clients around the world have used them for more than 25 years.  GTM is available as a self-hosted solution or via an application service provider arrangement with SS&C. SS&C is one of the world’s largest hosting services providers with more than 25 years of experience.

To learn how we can help you stay on top of the latest changes or for more information on GTM, contact us for a demo at solution@sscinc.com or 800-234-0556.