Invest in technology to weather volatile markets

By: Stacy Orff-Whitfield

Is uncertainty back in the market? If the VIX is any indicator, the answer is yes. In one day recently, the VIX, a measure of implied volatility, spiked nearly 40%. Whether volatility is here to stay or planning to return intermittently, it’s a great time to evaluate internal systems, processes, and data that can help your firm weather any potential storm.

For many firms, technology equates to being able to scale many activities. In times of volatility, we know that portfolio management tasks, trading, and client communications can become heightened (and sometimes urgent) deliverables. Are your systems helping you across these areas (and more) so that you can maximize your impact while minimizing time?

With the right technology, you can:

  1. Quickly view portfolio drift or accounts that are out of alignment and prioritize for follow up, including rebalancing and trading
  2. Conduct in-depth custom analysis on portfolios, orders, and performance to identify specific situations that need attention
  3. Act quickly to address opportunities across portfolios and accounts
  4. Assess and review portfolio exposure to help manage client conversations
  5. Send alerts or emails to clients providing market commentary and perspective about staying the course

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