Simplify the day-to-day with investment operations automation

By: Inderjit Gawera

Straight-through processing and management by exception are repeatedly stated as the key driving objectives of asset management and asset servicing operations management. Increasing trade volumes, instrument complexity, and stringent regulatory oversight require a simplification of operations to enable focus on core business objectives.

The automation eBriefing series by SS&C touches on commonly referenced inefficiencies raised by our broad and diverse client group.

Here are some highlights:

Article 2,  “Disparate Trade Capture Processes”, raises the challenges of managing multiple data sources and a reliance on manual trade entry. The article explores the need for advanced technology and expertise to automate workflows, cleanse and group data, and the removal of dependencies on manual operations.

Article 3, “The Cost of Traditional Corporate Action Processing”, delves into the world of corporate actions processing and exposed the costs and risks associated with traditional manual operations.

Article 4, “Streamlining the Post-Trade Communications Processing”, discusses the various standards adopted for trade information communication and reveals the risks associated with delays and inaccuracies through data conversion and transmission.

Article 5, “Unit Pricing”, focuses on the increasing complexity of unit pricing calculations and the need to adopt a flexible and configurable solution to meet specific local requirements.

Article 6, “Data Analytics”, explors the trend towards accurate and comprehensive investment analytics driven both by investors looking for advanced analytical data as well as fund managers striving to deliver favourable outcomes for investors.

Article 7, “Post Trade Compliance”, acknowledges the increasing governance placed on investment operations by regulators, especially in the wake of the global financial crisis. Automated reconciliation to ensure data is accurate and rules-based checks to ensure investment decisions are governed form the basis of a strong framework of compliance.

Article 8, “Performance and Attribution”, picks up on the analytics theme from article 6 and delves into the need for data consolidation from numerous disparate systems to derive performance returns at various levels of analysis.

We chose the focus areas for this automation series based on common themes and concerns raised by our many clients. With a wealth of experience working with a diverse client base, SS&C is well positioned to deliver you the solutions and expertise to optimize investment operations through improved automation.

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