Trade your stick for a carrot with on-the-job training

In a healthy organization, there is constant two-way communication, with managers giving and receiving feedback all the time. When morale is bad, it is often because employees only hear from management when there is a problem – for example, chronic lateness, or mistakes being made. Unfortunately, once a workplace is in a negative feedback mode, it can create a vicious cycle in which morale goes down, employees grow more careless with their work and become less motivated to come in on time.

Encouraging or enhancing on-the-job training is a fantastic way to either reverse a negative feedback loop, or maintain a positive working atmosphere where dialog is encouraged. When employees are encouraged to gain new skills, they feel they are a valued part of an organization that is trying to foster growth. You're providing a positive outlet for people and encouraging the idea that you value a smart and nimble workplace. You're also reminding them that they'll have to stay on their toes to remain competitive. Training is an excellent, positive motivational tool – the carrot approach.

Once you've decided to introduce a new training program, it's critical to make sure you select a high-quality program, or else you risk turning a positive scenario into a negative one. It's like deciding to throw a party – you don't want to ruin it by serving bad food. Choose thoughtful, relevant material that helps build skills in a time-efficient manner and your staff will be grateful. Our experience has been that it's worth the effort to go the extra mile and create a learning program specifically tailored for a given individual or group. Our training specialists at SS&C's Learning Institute have been doing exactly this for more than 17 years. We would be delighted to work with you to make your training program a huge success.