Outperform your competition with the right technology solutions

By: William Vellek

Today’s investment managers have complex investment needs and a diverse client base. To stay competitive, their technology must be able to manage any program, strategy, or asset class.

What tools do you need to stay competitive?

Client account management

With automated account onboarding and account management tools, you can view your clients holistically by households. You can also see each client account in a flattened-out structure, account by account.

Portfolio management

Advanced mandate analytics technology tools automate portfolio construction and rebalances and make account management simple and efficient. Portfolio management solutions allow you to increase data accuracy, reduce costs, and take on more funds without increasing operational headcount.

Trade and order management

Maximize trading efficiency with a dynamic trade and order management solution that manages accounts, makes the right trades, and settles transactions. A great trade and order management solution provides easy-to-use order creation, real-time updates, a robust compliance engine, and FIX order routing.


A pre- and post-trade compliance tool ensures your portfolios are managed within investment guidelines. Customizable software allows you to configure the software to your specific needs (e.g. create hard rules that disallow sin stocks).

Investment accounting

A powerful and flexible accounting platform supports workflows and processing requirements and helps you meet regional accounting standards and global reporting requirements.

Performance and attribution

A comprehensive and flexible performance measurement and attribution solution that covers a broad range of performance measurement, attribution, ex-post risk methodologies, and GIPS® standard composite across all instrument types and asset classes is a must.

Client reporting and portal

A solid reporting and portal system attracts and retains clients with dynamic statements and portal experiences. The right system creates customizable reports, with the right data in the right format (with charts, graphs, branding, and your personalized commentary).

Customized outsourcing strategy

You need flexible deployment options customized to meet your specific business needs.  Determining what’s best for your business (e.g. software as a service [SaaS], full outsourcing [BPO], or a component outsourcing) will keep you ahead of the pack.

Are you missing some or all of the tools mentioned above? Our cutting-edge technology and expertise can help you rise above the competition.

The Global Wealth Platform (GWP) from SS&C offers the most comprehensive front-to-back office solutions and services in the marketplace. Our end-to-end solutions assist with highly complex, transaction-driven processes in accounting, trade operations, client administration, and data support and management.

If you have complex investment needs, our solutions can help you effectively manage any program, strategy, or asset class. We work with independent wealth managers, global investment managers, private banks, and anyone who actively manages money in any number of different market verticals.

To learn how we can help you, contact William Vellek at (212) 659-4449 or wvellek@sscinc.com.