Effectively manage data, transparency, and change to avoid disruption

By: Paul Mendoza

Change can be hard in any industry. In the asset management world, managers must keep up or risk being left behind. Here are the top three operating model disruptors that you must consider if you want to stay ahead of the pack:

  1. Data: The explosion of data and the digitalization of information in today’s investment world considerably impact how asset managers operate. While the quality and accuracy of data is a critical priority of operations and IT teams, there is no industry best practice. The challenge for asset managers is to establish a consistent, enterprise-wide practice for managing and sharing investment data.
  2. Transparency: The combination of the eruption of data and an increasingly stricter regulatory environment has left asset managers struggling to provide visibility and transparency to their staff, investors, and regulators. An asset manager that effectively provides transparency and visibility in to their investment processes distinguishes himself/herself from other managers.
  3. Status quo: It’s easy to stick with the status quo and do things the way they’ve always been done, in the hopes that it doesn’t come back and bite you in the end. Spoiler alert: it always does.

The Global Wealth Platform (GWP) from SS&C is a proprietary data solution that effectively manages reference, pricing, and corporate action data for you. GWP also acts as your “golden copy” by feeding all your other front-office applications to ensure consistency of data throughout your organization. It runs ad-hoc analyses, creates custom reports, and provides customizable data fields so you can turn data into knowledge your way.

Automated intra-day operation is essential for efficiency and accuracy. Some more challenging operations that include a blend of manual processes and automation include account set-up, reconciliation, corporate actions, transaction record keeping, and performance and attribution.

GWP provides a broad set of front- to back-office capabilities that allow wealth and institutional investment managers to automate a portfolio’s day-to-day activities. Offered in a SaaS/cloud deployment, it’s a multi-currency, multi-asset class solution with a wide range of functions including portfolio and order management, trading, compliance (pre and post), portfolio accounting, data management, performance measurement, client reporting, client portal, contact management, custodial data aggregation, data management, and more.

To learn more about Global Wealth Platform from SS&C, download our brochure, request a demonstration, or email us at pmendoza@sscinc.com.