Automated data aggregation and reconciliation offers operational efficiency

By: Russ Petrucci

Many firms fall on two sides of an awareness spectrum. Most are aware that they spend too much time aggregating, normalizing, and reconciling their data post trade, but are unwilling to do anything about it. Others are unaware of technology that offers greater efficiency for their post-trade operational cycle and believe that Excel is the answer to all their problems. No matter what side of the spectrum they fall on, these firms may be missing the boat on what really matters.

Time is any firm’s most valuable commodity. Many operations teams spend a majority of their morning asking their custodians, banks, and prime brokers for their trade data files, which are almost never delivered on time. Instead of focusing on their core competencies, employees are wasting valuable time conducting conversations that are neither trackable nor auditable.

In addition, your team spends countless hours reconciling the breaks and investigating why your data is different from your custodian’s data. As mentioned, most firms are doing this in Excel. This is a compliance team’s nightmare.

The best way to ensure your team has real-time visibility into breaks, corrections, and reporting is to use better technology.

SS&C recently announced the SS&C exception management solution. This extremely powerful solution is the answer to spending too much time aggregating, normalizing, and reconciling trade data files. With dedicated SS&C personnel working 24/7/365, the solution greatly reduces the IT footprint and increases visibility with real-time dashboards and automated processes.

The exception management solution from SS&C provides access to straight-through-processing and a team that processes 13,000 exceptions every day.

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