One platform, configured to suit your needs

By: Dianna Tokic

Firms often seek different best-of-breed technologies to handle different aspects of their businesses (e.g. portfolio accounting, reconciliation, performance, reporting, etc.). As assets and data security requirements increase, client bases expand, and internal staff changes, it’s hard for firms to seamlessly connect all these disparate, older systems.

Many managers use several solutions throughout the day and simultaneously run multiple spreadsheets. This makes operations disorganized and costly. In addition, spreadsheets rely on manual input, making them error-prone.

Firms must use technology to streamline and add efficiency so they can focus on their core business – asset and client growth, client retention, and client satisfaction. What they need is an outside, independent, and comprehensive solution that alleviates the need to constantly update and improve internal systems, which burdens internal resources.

What if this could all be done in one platform?

The GWP platform from SS&C offers a web-based, end-to-end, multi-currency, multi-manager, multi-asset class technology solution. It is a single asset management technology platform across all of your accounts, custodians, and every stage of the portfolio management lifecycle. Key features include comprehensive client on-boarding, in-depth modeling and rebalancing for trading, along with extensive portfolio management, performance analytics, and dynamic reporting functionalities, which successfully support the lifecycle of required activities.

GWP provides the competitive advantage of a common operating platform, reduced operational costs, and effective management of all front-to-back office activities. It’s affordable, intuitive, and easy.

With the industry-leading technology from SS&C, you know you are in good hands. Partner with us and we will provide the technology so you can concentrate on doing what you do best: keeping your clients happy.

To learn more about our front- middle-, and back-office solutions offered by the Global Wealth Platform from SS&C, contact Dianna Tokic at 212-659-4497 for a demonstration.