The right tools make all the difference

By: Bernard Hecht

Navigating the complexities of municipal finance can be daunting and challenging. You need tools that project different yields, interest rates, and comparisons into a comprehensive summary so you can make the right decisions, quickly.

The tools from SS&C’s DBC applications provide the ability to size, structure bond issues, and track critical information on outstanding debt from issuance to maturity.

Some DBC product tools include:

  • DBC Housing, DBC Multi-Family Health Care, and DBC Student Loan simplify the modeling and structuring of mortgage-backed bonds, taxed-exempt or taxable mortgage revenue bonds, and student loan revenue bonds. These tools can factor in comparable historical studies of prepayment amounts and percentages to make key loan loss assumptions based on historical data. They also automate rating agency “stress tests” to provide valuable yield sensitivity data including debenture, super-sinker possibilities, and multi-family negative arbitrage assessments.
  • DBC PortOpt structures new portfolios and reoptimizes existing portfolios to meet cash flows. DBC PortOpt is used for defeasance escrows, construction funds, or reserve funds.

When you’re navigating the complexities of municipal financing, the right tools make all the difference. DBC provides the tools you need to get the most out of municipal finance management.

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