Examine Your Brand Strategy

Your marketing department works hard to measure your brand, to enhance its value, to build awareness, and to protect your good name. Branding helps to create the personality of your company. It establishes your reputation, and provides a unified message about you and your products.

In creating brand strategy, it's important to look at all vehicles, not just the traditional mechanisms. Sure, you're looking at on-line and viral marketing, but are you looking at packaging? What are the physical components of your products? If you don't already, you should be benchmarking the quality of your client reports and looking for ways to improve. The quality of your reports can help you to build brand, and increase client loyalty and satisfaction.

At a minimum, reports should look professional, be error-free, easy-to-read and contain the information that the reader wants to know. Do you;

  • Deliver reports in a timely manner?
  • Respond quickly to ad hoc requests?
  • Provide a variety of delivery formats that include paper and electronic?
  • Provide transparency into underlying data?
  • Allow clients and investment advisors to interact with the data?

SS&C's Pages™ client reporting solution can help you protect your brand. Whether you need printed documents, presentations or an interactive website, Pages lets you control how information is presented. Statements and presentations are graphically rich and easy to read, and can be distributed in print or electronic formats. Pages websites allow for easy navigation and detailed drill-down. Pages can also help you respond quickly to ad hoc requests for information and changes in reporting requirements. To find out more, contact us today.