The Importance of Commentary

When was the last time a client asked you to outperform a particular index? Typically, clients don't think in percentages. They think about growing their capital over the long term, the optimal age of retirement, and achieving an income stream in their retirement years.

So if success is measured by performance and alignment with clients' goals, then the measure of success will be different for every client. As a wealth manager or investment advisor, how do you communicate to each client that you understand their goals and aspirations? And how do you communicate that the portfolio you manage achieves the stated objectives?

Commentary plays an important role in this communication. The commentary that is included in your client statements and reports embodies the value that you bring to the relationship. It shows that you understand your client's objectives, that you understand the implications of changes in their circumstances, and that you value their business. General phrases and cookie-cutter commentary don't show your understanding. You need to include personalized commentary.

SS&C's Pages™ client communication system allows you to create personalized and customized client statements and reports for each client. You can add personalized commentary for each client automatically, and Pages will accurately reflect your corporate branding. Each statement is customized to reflect the need of the client, so you can prove your value with every statement. Find out more by contacting us.