Growing Demand for Performance Outsourcing

Outsourcing of all or part of an investment firm's performance function is gaining in popularity. There is a range of performance outsourcing services available that can be separated into two categories:

  1. Production functions that include portfolio validation, getting the data into the system, reconciling numbers and monitoring exceptions.
  2. Analysis function that requires intimate knowledge of the investment management process in order to explain those performance results and add value.

Most investment firms want to keep the analysis function in-house, but are completely prepared to outsource the production functions.

SS&C's Sylvan™ is a performance measurement and attribution solution that includes fixed income and security level attribution, customized benchmarking and composite management. Sylvan provides full support for industry-mandated (GIPS) performance reporting standards. Investment firms of all sizes appreciate the flexible deployment options that SS&C offers: in-house (license), ASP, or fully outsourced (BPO). Sylvan's technology platform is truly advanced. Its web-based delivery capabilities enable firms to outsource their back office performance functions while leaving the middle and front office functions within the firm.

Join SS&C on April 9th at the Financial Accelerator, a real-time, multi-media facility at the University of Connecticut in Hartford, for "Innovations in Performance Measurement and Attribution". At this event, we'll discuss the latest trends in performance and attribution, and unveil a breakthrough in attribution modeling. Sylvan User Defined Attribution (UDA™) is an innovative custom attribution engine that allows any model to be incorporated into Sylvan. Register today!