Training for the New Generation

In the olden days, when we all walked five miles uphill through snow to get to work, and used a slide rule, job training meant sitting in a classroom listening to a member of the firm’s old guard drone on and on while flipping through transparencies on an overhead projector. 

Okay, that’s a bit tongue and cheek, but when you think about how training is still managed in many organizations, it seems almost quaint. We’ve thrown away the transparencies in favor of PowerPoint, but how much else has changed? It’s particularly important to think about how training is keeping up to date with the rest of society when you consider the new generation coming into the workplace. These are people who have come of age with the Internet – people who reach for Google and Wikipedia when they have a job question, not the old hardcover books gathering dust on their bosses’ shelves. 

If you sit these people in a classroom for three hours and expect an old-fashioned approach to match up well with how they learn, everyone will end up disappointed, no matter how good the coffee and pastries were that you provided. They’ll be frustrated because their enthusiasm has been dampened by a firm that doesn’t know how to make training relevant to their lives, and you’ll be disappointed at the hours of productivity gone to waste, not to mention the time and expense of organizing the classroom session. Why put everyone through that?

Instead, hand them a username and password, and set them off and running to direct their own training on their own time, using on-line courses and reference-ware from SS&C’s Zoologic Learning Solutions. This will match well with how they expect to learn. You’ll save money, time and productivity. Everyone will go home happy. 

But don’t skimp on the coffee and pastries. People still like those.

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