Color Your World

Data visualization refers to techniques for turning data into information by using the high capacity of the human brain to visually recognize patterns and trends. Data visualization allows users to view data in colorful, easy-to-understand presentations, and can help them:

  • Consolidate data
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Handle large amounts of data and perform real-time calculations
  • Produce customized displays of information

Analysts attribute the increasing adoption of visualization software to several factors: higher volumes of data, a widening variety of data, and the willingness of younger financial services professionals to use interactive tools and applications. Spreadsheets and traditional business intelligence tools aren’t adequate for analyzing today’s complex financial markets. Many firms are adopting data visualization to give them a competitive edge as the software can help them to identify and understand their risk exposures faster.

Data visualization software has come a long way. Many of today’s software packages are fully customizable and can display information in multiple formats, among them user-defined display types and customizable content.

Professional traders, analysts, asset managers and senior management require consolidated and simplified views of information to make decisions. SS&C’s Heatmaps® is a comprehensive data visualization application that organizes data by displaying large amounts of real-time financial market information in easy-to-interpret color-coded results. They are called “Heatmaps” because they show what is HOT or COLD.

Heatmaps can improve your reaction time to financial data by 50 percent or more. Prove it to yourself by taking SS&C’s Reaction Game Challenge. For more information, please contact us.