Training Balance: Content, Delivery and Costs

We can start with the most obvious – the tuition cost for each participant. This cost varies widely, but is often in the range of $1,000-$2,000 per day. Then there are usually materials and facilities costs to consider – everything from printed handouts to rental charges for the site to the purchase or rental of multimedia equipment.

A huge but less transparent expense is the cost of flying remote participants and/or the instructor to the training location. With fuel costs on the rise, and major airlines beginning to mandate minimum stays for each ticket purchase, this becomes a critical factor for consideration. 

Then of course there is the opportunity cost of lost productivity of each participant. You'll need to weigh all these costs against the benefits of a strong instructor-led session, which can be invaluable. 

What we at Zoologic Learning Solutions categorically do not recommend is throwing any old e-learning solution out there and thinking that it will be equivalent to a strong classroom session.  We believe you'll need to think carefully about the costs and benefits of each, and ideally you will find an on-line provider who has not simply turned an instructor's PowerPoint slides into a series of web pages. Ask questions about their methodology for developing courses. A strong hint that you're looking at a vendor who has developed courseware on the cheap is if they have suddenly released a whole slew of courses. This can be an important sign that they are not as concerned with the quality of each course as they might be, and are merely looking to cover a lot of ground quickly to complete their offering and attract your interest.

Please talk to us if we can help to arrange a training program for your staff which achieves the best of all worlds: an outstanding learning experience with costs kept firmly in check.

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