E-learning and Mentorship

Any type of learning solution, whether classroom-based or on-line, works better when the student has an opportunity to contextualize the learning material in a one-on-one relationship with another person. Several independently-conducted studies have shown that mentorship programs improve employee retention rates and performance.

We believe that a fantastic, cost-effective learning solution is one that incorporates highest-quality e-learning with a strong mentorship program. This provides the best of all possible worlds: the on-line environment to study and drill concepts, along with someone identified within the company to provide informal contextualization of those concepts that is tied directly to the employee’s working environment.

SS&C’s Zoologic Learning Solutions has been providing advice on how to set up this type of program for more than a decade – even since the days before the invention of the term “e-learning” to describe our core product. We have seen a lot of trends come and go in that time, but one notion has remained constant: the idea that the best learning programs have a framework around them for monitoring and supporting individual progress.

In addition to providing advice on this and a whole range of learning topics, a key component of any contract with Zoologic is our support and learning service capabilities. You’re not just buying on-line content when you choose us; you’re buying a full-service training support system. Not only do you receive technological support such as on-line tracking, testing and reporting, you also receive human support for your questions on both the content and delivery of Zoologic products. We believe this full-service support distinguishes us from every other e-learning provider out there, and we take pride in it because of how strongly we believe in its importance to the success of any training program.

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