Mixing data

The most common mashup found on the web is a combination of cartographic data, such as that taken from Google maps, combined with information. SS&C has delivered this type of mashup within SKYLINE Navigator, a real estate property management solution that combines map data and real estate information to deliver a lightweight web application. Another similar mashup is delivered within LMS suite, which handles loan origination and loan servicing.

Money Market Manager™ (M3) is an application used by financial institutions to provide issuing and paying agent services to the corporate debt issuers. Within M3, SS&C has created business mashups that display, via a web portal, various operations to do with DTC transactions issuance, PIM messages and status changes. These mashups  are updated every 30 seconds, allowing for real-time transaction monitoring.

Reusable Technology

SS&C has great technology that can help the global financial services industry deliver a number of financial mashups. One such technology is Heatmaps®, a comprehensive data visualization tool that organizes and displays large amounts of real-time financial market information from a number of data feeds. Another enabling technology is SS&C Xe, which allows for virtual data warehouses to be built by aggregating information from multiple data feeds over the Internet and from internal networks such as pricing information, investment masters and transactions.

Many SS&C solutions contain very valuable financial information, information that is frequently used by companies to create mashups directly. Mashup technologies make it easier for the next generation of solutions to combine financial information in new ways.