SS&C Can Help You Control Costs

During these times of market volatility, are you looking for independent market valuations?  Are you attempting to reduce counterparty risks? Have you thought about streamlining your operational costs and business processes? Most investment firms will admit they have not realized full operational efficiency. As a result, they – and probably you – spend time and energy resolving problems arising from disconnected and manual back office processes as well as from siloed information. Inevitably client service is compromised and operational expenses are inflated.

As you examine your operational strategies, we want you to know that SS&C's consultants are available to assist you with independent market valuations, improve operational efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, cut costs, increase profitability and deliver better client service.  We have a number of customized training options (in-person or via the Internet) and can tailor a training session to fit your organization's knowledge gaps.

For example, our consultants can show your users how to leverage the system's market valuations as an independent valuation to compare and reconcile to counterparty values.  Using yield curve and updated spread information, the system will provide a valuation for all derivatives deal types, including CDS.  Valuations can be done inclusive or exclusive of risk-adjusted spreads. 

Did you know the most recent version of Debt & Derivatives™ (2008.4.0) has new FAS 157 functionality that will allow you to value your issued debt and/or derivatives using counterparty spreads in addition to the standard valuation process? Our derivatives consultants are available to come on-site to your offices to upgrade your system to the current version, implement the FAS 157 functionality and run parallel testing so that you and your staff can continue with your daily responsibilities.

Bottom line: Are you getting the most of out of your investment in technology? Call us today and incorporate the latest Debt & Derivatives' enhancements into your daily workflows.

Don't waste any more time or miss this opportunity to get the help you need; schedule a meeting with one of our consultants today by calling the Derivatives Help desk (800-668-5512) or email to make arrangements.