Technology for Your UMA Platform

By: Michael Kandravy

By 2013, it is estimated that approximately $327 billion in client household assets will be managed through unified managed account (UMA) platforms. What is behind this impressive growth?

Simply stated, the UMA represents the key to unlocking investment product silos while providing distributors with an integrated and highly scalable investment platform solution.  SS&C Technologies Global Wealth Platform (GWP) has been designed to meet the multiple challenges that the ascendance of the UMA presents.

GWP's flexible modeling capabilities support the user's construction of the UMA from the perspective of defining the overlay distribution weights as well as the underlying model definition for each individual sleeve within the account. GWP's modeling functionality enables the manager to rebalance the distribution of assets within the sleeves as well as trigger the rebalancing of the individual sleeve in a systematic and controlled process, creating block allocated orders for subsequent execution within the order management system (OMS).  An integrated OMS, with its links to electronic trading networks, provides a cost-effective method for managing the UMA program. 

Pre-trade compliance has become even more critical in recent years.  GWP has the ability to support multiple levels of compliance restrictions, among them individual accounts, firm wide, hard or soft restrictions and automating replacement securities.

As well, GWP's complete audit trail capability provides the platform for your firm to track all activity that has been performed within the application.

Client reporting is a critical component of any managed account program. Integrated within GWP is the SS&C Pages reporting solution, which allows platform providers to offer superior quality and customized client statements in an automated and efficient manner. 

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