Understanding the Impact of International Banking Reform

By: Stephanie Hodnett

Two big events in international financial markets have taken place recently: a meeting of the G-20, a hand-selected group of the leaders of the 20 most influential world economies, and the legislation passed recently in the U.S. that seeks to reform that country's financial system. How sweeping were the changes resulting from both events, and how will your firm be affected?

The G-20 leaders discussed a timetable for increasing capital requirements – setting targets for the amount of capital each bank needs to have on hand in the event of a crisis. They have, however, backed away from setting clear deadlines for when these new targets need to be met.  In addition, they devoted a great deal of time to talk of deficits, widely agreeing that cutting deficits by 2013 is an important goal.

Meanwhile, the bill approved in the U.S. Senate seeks to impose tighter regulations on the nation's banking system, with a focus on increasing consumer protections and greater oversight of risky trading strategies. The banks of course argue the rules go too far, while critics complain that little is likely to change as a result of this legislation.

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