Package Your Message with Online Courses

By: Stephanie Hodnett

Fall is the season for elections and a new round of talk about voter engagement. Political candidates wonder how to reach candidates with their message, and how to make those messages "sticky." You might be thinking about your own message as an organization, and how to make it more relevant and appealing to your own constituents – namely your employees or your customers.

Accredited, high-quality courses can be a great way to package your message. If you would like to get across, for example, the idea that your firm embraces a commitment to ethical business practices, you might consider presenting a suite of online courses on key topics. Your employees will earn continuing education credits and the assurance that their employer pays attention to the big picture. 

SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions has a library of more than 200 courses on topics of concern to the financial services industry. We can help you select and package a group of courses and tailor your message to your audience. You can use our Learning Management System or your own platform to broadcast a message you would like to convey. Your message will be tied with the courses and this will have a mutually reinforcing benefit. The courses will be personalized for your audience, and your employees will understand the broader context for the work they are doing.  

Talk to your employees. They're listening. And engage them through education on topics of interest to them. It's a tremendous opportunity for the entire organization, and shouldn't be overlooked. 

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