Optimized learner engagement through neuroscience

As a leader in concept sequencing, interactive simulations, non-repeating tests and exercises, and just-in-time learning, the team at SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions has long known that its reputation depends on staying at the forefront of learning retention and engagement.

Recent advances in the field of neuroscience provide hard data about how the brain functions and assimilates new information. Such advances are exciting, as they offer Zoologic a new way to determine the effectiveness of its training. As evidence of its continued commitment to learning engagement, Zoologic has partnered with Nervanix, a leader in practical applications of neuroscience to learning.

Nervanix uses a pioneering approach called "attention adaptivity” to produce products used by educators to measure how well their training engages learners. In addition, students gain a powerful study aid that shows where their attention lagged and which segments of the training should be reviewed. By combining forces with Nervanix, Zoologic Learning Solutions contains the world''s only suite of eLearning material optimized for learner engagement.

Busy professionals who make time for training must be able to trust that the learning will be effective and that their time won''t be wasted. By aligning with Nervanix, Zoologic has renewed its commitment to keeping pace with the best and brightest minds in education and professional development.

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