Measuring learning

If we accept the merits of eLearning, how do we then choose among the many providers out there? Items on your checklist will be things like ensuring the vendor offers a wide variety of courses that align with your goals. You will also want to know the provider is well established in the marketplace and can supply favorable client references. You might want to give special consideration to an item that is often overlooked: is there evidence that the training is actually effective and that people learn from it?

At SS&C Learning Institute, measuring the effectiveness of our courses has long been a guiding principle. Every course is packaged with a pre-test and a final test; comparing the two scores is a tangible way to prove whether the course met its stated learning objectives. We have also used a variety of other methods to demonstrate efficacy and learning retention, but none are as powerful as our latest advance in the field of learning metrics: our partnership with Nervanix.

Thanks to advances in the field of neuroscience, we can now measure the attention score earned by each page in a course. How well did it engage the learner? Now we have hard data on how well we met   our goal of providing the highest quality and most effective learning on the market today. Our clients have an extra layer of reassurance that the training they purchase is laser-focused on excellence.

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