Introducing the new FundHub platform from SS&C GlobeOp

By: Mike Megaw

Building an alternative investment portfolio can be confusing and complicated. The solution is FundHub from SS&C GlobeOp, a web-based tool that enables investors to efficiently build and manage their portfolio.

FundHub is an investor research, analytics, and back-office operations platform that provides a consolidated view of funds and manager data from multiple sources. 

How can it help you? With FundHub, you can:

  • Publish information for prospective investors to analyze when selecting various investments
  • Allow investors to analyze and review fund performance, regulatory, and static data from multiple data sources and predefined criteria
  • Generate portfolios of funds with support for detailed performance tracking, NAV generation, and trial balance support
  • Manage documents, investors, contacts, and other related data in a common integrated system

To learn more about how FundHub can help you build and effectively manage your alternative investment portfolio, join Hans Hufschmid, managing partner of AltB Partners LP (and co-founder of GlobeOp) and Michael Megaw, managing director of SS&C GlobeOp regulatory and analytics solutions group, for a one-hour webinar on June 6th.

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For more information please view our brochure. If you have any questions regarding participation please contact Rob Stone at your earliest convenience.