Accommodating the global community with e-learning

There are several ways to make your e-learning truly global. As with many instructional design problems, the content helps determine the best way forward. You may decide to make a single course cover the material from a variety of perspectives. Or, if that becomes too cumbersome, instead you might develop a whole new course, either as a stand-alone entity or an offshoot of the main course.

At SS&C Learning Institute, we work hard to make sure our library of more than 200 self-study courses is representative of the global community we serve. Each course is written by at least two subject matter experts to ensure neutrality and comprehensive coverage. A course that uses a single local example or case study may be followed by a course using a different paradigm. For example, our accounting series uses U.S. GAAP to teach principles of financial statement analysis, with courses on U.K. GAAP and IFRS offered as supplements. Where terminology or jargon is unique to one country (such as DV01), we make sure to include examples using the terminology familiar in other countries (BPV). We have also translated our courses into other languages to accommodate our non-English speaking customers.

Good training material always has a voice and a story to tell. Ensuring your courses reflect a global audience doesn't mean curbing that voice, but rather enhancing it.

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