Building effective eLearning systems: Five tips from SS&C Learning Institute

Advice abounds on how to develop and deliver effective and engaging eLearning. Here are our top five tricks to improve the learning experience, help the learner to retain the information, and make the program dynamic and engaging.

  1. Tell a story. Captivate the learner with an interesting narrative. A self-study course that is a rote list of facts with a knowledge check question thrown in here and there is dry and boring.
  2. Avoid gimmicks. Make the story drive the interactivity, not the other way around. Great interactivity should be seamless. Interactive elements that don''t serve a purpose frustrate users. Keep the learning focused on the material, not on how to interact with your course.
  3. Don''t over-control. Adult learners want to be in charge of their own learning experience. Don''t get in their way by forcing a particular model or path. Instead, suggest how learners should navigate your course, while allowing them the freedom to jump around as needed.
  4. Shorter is better. Always be thinking about how to trim your story to make it stronger. Even when your subject is large, consider ways to divide your material into smaller chunks. It is rare that busy professionals can spare large swaths of uninterrupted time for your course. Also, retention of key concepts is increased when the material is tight and focused.
  5. Consult an expert. Achieving efficient and engaging eLearning solutions can be hard. When you partner with SS&C Learning Institute, we provide the knowledge and expertise to help you build an effective and dynamic training program for your business.

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