Newest TRACE amendment extends definition of “TRACE-Eligible Securities”

By: Ken Somma

In 2001, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE), a rule that requires all member firms to report secondary market transactions in eligible over-the-counter fixed income securities to FINRA. Unlike equities, over-the-counter securities trades are private transactions between counterparties and were not previously publicly reported. This lack of reporting provided very little to no price execution transparency to the marketplace.

Over the years, there have been many reporting requirement changes and amendments to the original 2001 rule. The latest change, effective July 10, 2017, will require FINRA member firms to report transactions executed in Treasury securities to TRACE as defined in Regulatory Notice 16-39.

The amendment proposal extends the definition of “TRACE-Eligible Securities” to include products that meet the definition of a “US Treasury Security.”  This definition will only include securities that are marketable (e.g. treasury bills, notes, bonds, separated tradable principal and interest components [STRIPS], and treasury inflation protected securities [TIPS]). The rule excludes all savings bonds, which have been removed from the definition of “US Treasury Securities”.

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