Pooled financing made easy

By: Sridhar Maruvada

As many California financiers can affirm, appropriately leveraging the specialized pooled financing of the Marks-Roos Act can lower borrowing costs. The Marks-Roos Act provides the statutory authority for financing a variety of public capital improvements, such as water and sewer plants and the backbone infrastructure needed for new development and redevelopment projects, as well as for short-term cash flow borrowing and liability insurance. However, the breadth and complexity of financing activity authorized by the act has led to confusion among many public finance practitioners.

There are many different types of pooled loans and the more loans there are in the pool, the greater the finance benefit should be. The enhancements within DBC Finance from SS&C Technologies makes it easy to navigate the advantages gained by Marks-Roos. DBC alleviates any uncertainties with built-in enhancements designed specifically to simplify Marks-Roos loan structuring.

Though DBC Finance is a program for the bond side of pooled financings, a user can replicate the uses in the bond deal as equal to the proceeds of a loan series to calculate the loan-side cashflow that generates revenues for the bond solution. As the complexities of California financing increase, you can be assured that DBC Finance will always follow up with simplified, straight-forward solutions.

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