Taking control of your facilities and fixed assets

By: Mark Ziemba

Taking control over the detailed management of your daily maintenance operations, including associated costs, can provide positive revenue results that you might otherwise miss. The best way to completely manage your work requests, facilities and fixed assets is by using the SKYLINE Facilities Maintenance (SFM) solution within the SKYLINE Property Management and Accounting application.

Along with the benefit of controlling expenses, the strategic use of SFM can lead to significant increases in the level of service and responsiveness that you are able to provide tenants. As a key feature in SFM, the SKYLINE Tenant Work Requests Web Portal streamlines and automates the tenant work order process by eliminating administrative processing time and expenses while also adding an efficient and appreciated (by the tenants) layer of customer service. Tenants have the ability to enter work order requests via the web, eliminating the need for “phoned-in” work order requests. In addition, tenant work order requests can be tracked accurately within the SKYLINE system and then recorded and classified into user-defined categories.

The most significant savings can be realized through more efficient management of your vendors and in-house maintenance staff. Using SFM, once a work order is automatically dispatched, the efficiency of your vendors and maintenance staff, as well as the time required to complete work orders, can be tracked, recorded and controlled.  Use of the detailed reports generated by the solution can then provide additional insight into avoidable expenses that may be negatively affecting revenue. 

For information about SKYLINE Property Management software, please contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531 or mziemba@sscinc.com, or download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE.