The new dynamics of industrial space

By: Anton Systems

With established retail stores reporting increased ecommerce sales (close to 10% and rising), and the emergence of new business models relying on on-line activity for 50% - 100% of business revenue, the need for “quick ship” industrial space and its strategic placement will be necessary. In a society model of on-line purchase and same or next-day delivery, the only alternative for logistics is to have multiple “stores” holding merchandise for quick shipment in a multiple location environment. Envision a retail space with a storefront for “try on” and a  warehouse behind the storefront handling the daily shipments of on-line orders out the door. The “try-on” model is already present. This new model of daily purchasing pushed to a greater portion on-line, will dramatically change the landscape of the retail, commercial, and flex-industrial space.

In this quick-changing environment of property management, the need to have available the tools to quickly change with the market will be a top priority for management companies. A retail or commercial portfolio may downsize with the growing need for change, making way for the resurgence of industrial and flex space management within the industry. With limited available development space, the demand for retro-fit of space will be high.

For managing entities, leading industry software with the capability of quick and easy change out of industry type will be necessary. SKYLINE Property Management Software meets the needs of the property manager regardless of industry management type. With core features allowing multiple industry type management, this software “bends and blends” seamlessly with any change in the industry models past, current, and future.

It is time to ensure that your business’ managing software has the ability to seamlessly change on a moment’s notice. SKYLINE Property Management Software keeps your business at the leading edge of market changes now and for the future.

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