Strengthening corporate messaging and employees together

Smart companies understand the benefits of combining marketing and training goals. When combined effectively, messaging can be tested on a motivated internal audience, and, in turn, employees become positive external brand ambassadors. In addition, a company's Learning Management System (LMS) provides a platform for content delivery. The marketing team develops the content that creates a firm's values, vision, and approach, and the training team understands education and instructional design. Combining these core competencies strengthens employee engagement and reinforces a consistent and strong corporate message, both internally and externally.

SS&C Learning Institute aligns marketing and training goals in a variety of ways. For example, creating short videos can be a quick and polished way of delivering a message about your firm's strategic direction for the new year. Integrating those videos with your LMS allows you to track usage and measure how well the information is retained. In addition, effective learning and development groups serve as a centralized repository for hard and soft skills, rules and regulations, and corporate messaging.

The learning specialists at SS&C Learning Institute can help you create the perfect partnership between your marketing and training departments. To learn more, please download our brochures or email us at