Get ahead of arising compliance issues

To date, financial advisors have been held to the "suitability" standard and not the higher "fiduciary" standard, which would mean putting the client''s interests first. The rules are detailed and complicated, leading some to fear that smaller firms will be at a competitive disadvantage compared to larger firms that can handle the extra costs of compliance.

The new rules won''t be in place for at least another year, pending the outcome of a court challenge. This means now would be a great time to invest in a well-regarded training program from SS&C Learning Institute, so you can get ahead of some of the compliance issues that are sure to arise. Ensuring your firm''s advisors are highly knowledgeable experts in their field will give you a strong head start when the new rules come into effect.

We can help you create a certification program for advisors that is useful for compliance purposes and also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Your clients and prospects will be confident that their retirement accounts are being handled by top-tier professionals committed to staying on top of their game. Create a cost-efficient self-study program from our library of hundreds of hours of financial training, incorporate your own material into a custom course, deliver a targeted assessment designed to validate the effectiveness of the training, or combine online and classroom training into a fully blended and immersive experience. Use the new rules as a platform to make your investment advisors even more marketable than they are today.   

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