Providing information when it’s needed most

By: Mark Ziemba

SKYLINE property management software from SS&C provides web-integrated functionality that delivers key decision-making information when and where it’s needed most. For example, SKYLINE’s web-enabled dashboard provides site managers, property managers, and owners with the critical real-time data they need to make smart, on-the-spot business decisions. It also provides a secure way to access property information (including vacancy, occupancy, and accounting statistics) tailored to each user’s job function. Information can be formatted in easy-to-read graphs and charts, as needed.

For users that work in facilities management, SKYLINE provides a web-enabled work order request module that tenants can access online.

There, they can make work order requests and view the status of previous work orders. It also sends email confirmations when requests are received and approved.

Being a leader in the industry also means interfacing with some of the best third-party application tools available. For example, SKYLINE interfaces with ClickPay and RentPayment, which are both powerful online property management payment services that allow users to view their outstanding balances and make quick and easy online payments. SKYLINE also interfaces with AvidXchange, an online service that extracts, processes, and tracks data from accounts payable invoices with minimal user interaction; it’s the ideal service for companies with a large accounts payable burden.

The flexible data architecture from SKYLINE, together with its ability to effortlessly export and import data, make it easy for other online programs to integrate with it to create web front ends (e.g. tenant payment portals, property portfolio information pages, space availability, and leasing centers).

As one of the leaders in the property management industry, SKYLINE understands how important it is to provide the information you need, when you need it most.

For more information about SKYLINE, contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531/, or download a SKYLINE brochure.