The newest evolution in lead gathering

By: Mike Norton

Today’s lead gathering systems are fast and efficient. Despite this, many resorts still use telephone calls and paper tickets to book tours with potential customers. This manual approach is slow and frustrating and can force potential customers to take their business elsewhere. The goal is to engage these customers properly at the start of their journey with you, so they will remain your customers for years to come.

The newest application from TimeShareWare by SS&C can help you do this. The TimeShareWare OPC application enables off-property consultants (OPCs) to quickly and efficiently gather critical details from interested prospects and set the stage for a vacation/tour experience that meets even the highest expectations.

Its features include:

  • Easy-to-use web design that simplifies use at all levels
  • Remote customer data entry capabilities that efficiently identify duplicates
  • Real-time search capabilities for available tour times
  • Advanced payment and deposit capabilities
  • Electronic and hard copy tour confirmation statements for easy check-in

In addition, administrators can set parameters for which application users can use to collect information. Fields can be set as required, pre-qualification questions can be answered, and other field-level default settings can be adjusted.  All this eliminates wasted time and duplicate efforts.

The OPC application from TimeShareWare is the newest evolution in lead gathering. With the OPC application, the days of calling an inefficient central system to get approvals and confirm tour times are over. The application’s industry-leading software makes booking simple and efficient and will ultimately increase the volume and interest of prospective owners.

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