Embrace adaptability to gain customer loyalty

By: Grant Hammon

You don’t have to rely solely on the brute strength of your company to overcome the many challenges that come your way. The key is to be adaptable.

Here are two simple ways to increase the adaptability of your business:

  1. Focus on what you do best. According to the Gallup Business Journal, workplaces that focus on using employees’ strengths, or natural talents, to overcome day-to-day challenges have 12.5% higher productivity than those that don’t. Do not be afraid to let tasks that are outside your area of expertise be managed by your more qualified colleagues. This not only increases efficiency, but also increases job satisfaction and employee retention.
  2. Search out industry best practices. The business world is changing faster than ever. Look to others in your industry to understand what works and what doesn’t. Learn from their victories and mistakes. Internally, be approachable; if you communicate openly with your colleagues (who are directly involved in your business processes), their continued feedback and insights will fuel necessary changes. A streamlined business process that is constantly evolving can be the lifeblood of continued customer loyalty.

For more than 30 years, TimeShareWare has provided customized software solutions to the vacation ownership industry. Our product suite provides for the management needs of all sizes and types of shared-ownership resorts, including vacation clubs, fractional properties, condo-hotels, vacation rentals, and timeshare resorts.

We work closely with industry professionals and continually incorporate their insights and feedback into our software development. We take pride in our software platforms and are confident that we have the right solution for you.  

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