Creating a sustainable workplace

By: Anton Systems

We’ve all seen the statistics and heard the warnings; we must do our part to create less wasteful, more sustainable workplaces. Savvy, environmentally conscious companies have sustainability plans that focus on reducing waste and saving energy to build healthier, more sustainable offices and communities.

So, if your office could take only one step to green your space, what should it be? You should reduce your use of paper.

SKYLINE Property Management Software can help. Our full-feature software allows you to market, meet, review, and produce high-end property management reporting without ever printing a thing.

  • With SKYLINE, you never need to print or mail an owner report; financials and executive summaries can easily be received via the internet and full view of ownership property receivables, reporting, documents, leases, and more are available via quick URL.
  • Virtual reports and financials are stored in the SKYLINE document storage archive. This feature allows full publication to the web dashboard and paperless hard storage for historical viewing. 
  • AP Invoices provides attachment of original source document which flows from AP to the GL financial statements. 
  • Fully drillable reporting reduces the need to print multiple reports for review -  preview financials on the screen and see the general ledger for review. 
  • Email capabilities allow monthly billings, late notice creation, and invoices to be processed and delivered in one step, along with quick record attachment of hard copies to each tenant for historical review and dashboard presentation.
  • Produce violations to one or many, letters of property maintenance, or single tenant letters all in one screen from creation to final output to email along with record attachment.
  • Never miss a scheduled event or follow up thanks to the notice created with online alerts within the software, at the dashboard, or via email delivery. 

Reducing paper output, minimizing labor hours (to stuff and stamp envelopes), and reducing the space and time necessary for filing, are obtainable sustainability goals for all.

SKYLINE property management software from SS&C gets you one big step closer to a sustainable workplace. For more information, download our brochure or contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531/