The power of a positive sales culture

By: Michael Morris

High percentage closing rates based on high-pressure sales environments will cost you in the long run. In today’s digital age, resorts that use aggressive sales tactics are less sustainable. These days, you can count on social media having a global reach and indelible presence that catches up to you; modern-day customers do their research and share their thoughts and experiences. The damage of a negative experience can stick around like a bad tattoo. Success today means we all need to accept closing losses with grace, a handshake, an open invitation to return, and most importantly, a “nothing to lose and everything to gain” attitude.

Typically, we use common psychological sales tactics to build our numbers. We know that a gift given creates obligation, we know that a possible gift given can be leveraged as something to lose. There are many human passions within our sales arsenal to get and keep prospects on tour. There is nothing more powerful than consistently presenting the positive expectation of a great product, no matter what the outcome.

So, how can you achieve the highest percentage of sales over time? First and foremost, you need to establish a brand culture that consistently achieves a positive customer experience. To do this, you must implement business processes that make it hard to deviate from your reputable product culture.

TimeShareWare provides the structure for a dependable sales system and gives uniformity to the way your brand is marketed, presented, and sold. It can also help you extend your brand culture throughout all the facets and touchpoints within your resort operation.

Over time, striving to deliver a better-than-expected sales experience results in more positive reactions, more loyal customers, and fewer deer-in-the-headlight regrets. To learn more about how TimeShareWare can help your vacation ownership processes, call us at 801-444-3113 or email us at