The success behind collective expertise

By: Teuvo Jones

The shared ownership industry takes on many forms and shapes. From traditional fixed-week timeshare boutiques to complex multi-site, multi-lingual, large branded vacation clubs. By collecting, integrating, and documenting best business practices over many decades and thousands of installations, a rich and diverse knowledge base of industry savvy and expertise results. 

Great things can amass from the proverbial laboratory that is the daily grind. This is where only the finest ideas endure and only the best practices are sustained. As much as we would love to take credit for the thousands of business process innovations and creative technological implementations that exist within the TimeShareWare platform, we can’t. It’s our customers, new and old, that tell us what works and what doesn’t. What we can take credit for is assembling the industry’s best team of developers, analysts, consultants, and business leaders to implement these ideas effectively.

The TimeShareWare “best business practice” library is an integral part of the platform’s intellectual property and is effectively a resort developer’s manual to running a successful shared-ownership resort of any kind. Used as a baseline, it can be modified as needed to develop the exclusive business processes you need to provide that promised dream vacation to your customers.

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