Embracing the give and take of change

By: Dane Ashworth

Over time, business processes change and adapt to many factors, including technology systems. Sometimes, these changes can negatively impact business operations and efficiency. When you’re replacing your system, it’s a great time to evaluate business processes to regain focus on core goals and business objectives.

Here are some steps for process evaluation and improvement:

Baseline and document business processes and goals

Document the various activities across the business and assemble activities into general processes. Don’t focus on systems; focus on processes that support business objectives. Once completed, you’ll have a standardized set of documented processes for the target business areas.

Next, identify the goal(s) for each process to determine when it’s been successfully executed. An example of a process name may be ”Check in walk-in rental guest”, with a goal to complete the reservation, check in the guest, and provide orientation information within six minutes.

Identify key processes that contribute to your company’s “secret sauce”

Determine which processes are fundamental to your company’s success, especially ones that differentiate you from your competitors. Consider the difference between processes with goals that meet customer expectations and processes that help you exceed expectations.

Identify how legacy technology systems affect your processes

Finally, evaluate all activities and processes to ensure any items that were driven due to requirements from technology systems have been removed. Asking why a process or activity is done can help identify these activities and processes to keep them from being carried over to the new system.

As new technology systems are implemented, the baseline processes can be used to ensure that the new system accomplishes your company’s primary processes and goals. The goals for each process should be achieved even if the new system changes the steps or activities executed to complete a process and achieve the goal.

TimeShareWare has been implementing new systems and processes for three decades. We know that new systems can be a growth opportunity for any resort operation. It’s sometimes difficult to embrace the give-and-take of improved processes and procedures, but when the results are in, it’s always worth it.

To learn more about how TimeShareWare can help you design the best tools, goals, and processes to support your resort’s “secret sauce” and mission, call us at 801-444-3113 or email sales@timeshareware.com.