Learning on the Go from Zoologic

By: Stephanie Hodnett

From the beginning, Zoologic has been a pioneer of online and mobile learning for financial professionals around the world. When the iPad came out, we knew we had in our hands an exciting new teaching tool, if used the right way. So we worked hard to develop a solution that would serve it well. We also knew we could take advantage of advances in cloud computing to deliver a learning experience that would be more portable, more dynamic and more exciting than ever.

We spent some time considering mLearning, or mobile learning, thinking about how people engage with mobile devices and how to take advantage of their features and design.

We didn't need to do this. It's possible to take learning material in any format, shrink it to fit on a smaller mobile screen, and adapt the delivery technology so that it will run successfully on a mobile device. This takes some effort, and many learning providers have rushed to market with exactly that. It is the same story we saw several years ago when e-learning was in its infancy. You can take your slide presentation, book or lecture material and convert it to run on the Internet, and then attend conferences and make sales pitches touting your successful foray into online learning.

But we know from experiences our customers demand more than that.  You want learning that is tailored to the delivery device. A book can be a movie, but not by simply having an actor read the book on camera. You need to figure out how to use each new technology to its best advantage. Our success has been built on doing exactly that.

The easy way out might have been tempting, but we knew we couldn't simply change some peripheral bells and whistles. We had to start from scratch and build the best possible learning experience for the iPad and other tablets and mobile devices. We had to rewrite the courses and also redesign the navigation, animations and interactivity. We embraced cloud computing technologies, enabling users to access all their learning content remotely, using any device with an Internet connection.

The result? We're proud to offer a wide range of services and products tailored to your mobile platform or particular business needs. As always, we've retained our commitment to delivering the best-in-class training material for the financial services marketplace, anytime, anywhere.

Want more information on Zoologic? Download our brochures, request more information or a demonstration or email us at solution@sscinc.com.

The Finance 2.0 app for the iPad is available as a free download from the Apple iTunes App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/finance-2.0/id516305026?mt=8.