Reinvigorate your leadership

According to industry analyst Josh Bersin, the largest portion of a firm's training budget is spent on management and leadership (35%)*.  However, leadership programs risk becoming stale. When was the last time you took a fresh look at your firm''s approach to leadership training? If you have been wondering if it''s time to reinvigorate your management training, it might be worth seeking support from SS&C Learning Institute.

Building a true leadership culture means involving everyone at all levels of the organization. The best leadership programs involve senior executives who serve as mentors, consult during the planning phases of a training program, and teach seminars or classes (or are at least available for support during these classes). It is also widely agreed that a cross-disciplinary approach is most effective, so that your training is woven across the fabric of the entire organization, rather than offered just once a year.

Most people know that SS&C Learning Institute offers hundreds of hours of skills-based financial training, but a less well-known fact is that we also offer online courses in management and leadership training. For example, you can use our popular “Coaching for Success” course to quickly reinvigorate your leadership program. Or, for a more custom training plan, we can combine our entire management and leadership curriculum with a program created to fit your firm''s unique requirements.

Success breeds success, but only if there is an ongoing commitment to nurture leaders throughout the organization. As a company with a long-standing track record of building effective training programs, SS&C Learning Institute is an ideal partner to help you take your leadership program to the next level. 

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