May 19 Puzzler

What 4-digit number abcd satisfies this equation? 4 * abcd = dcba

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Last Edition's Puzzler

May 5 question:
Which two numbers are missing and where do they go in the sequence? 8, 11, 5, 14, 1, 7, 6, 10, 13, 3, 12, 2

May 5 answer:
The missing numbers are 4 and 9. The list is sorted alphabetically by the English spelling of the numbers, so four belongs after five and nine comes after fourteen.

Congratulations to our puzzle solvers:
Ellen Torrance, Retired
Joe Lally, UBS
Kevin Strutz, Acuity
Michael R. Murray, Independent Economics, Strategic Planning & Enterprise Risk Management
Rick Fleissner, Amerisure Insurance
William F. Gibson, IVY Creek Associates


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