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Asset Allocator Services

Institutional investment operations are more complex than ever, with more diversified asset classes to account for and growing volumes of data. Whether you manage endowments, foundations, pension plans, trusts or a family office, SS&C’s technology-powered outsourcing services can help you reduce risks, gain transparency and improve accounting accuracy.

Focus on Manager Relationships and Investment Decisions

Let us handle your operations and accounting so you can focus on what really matters: capital allocation decisions.



The Benefits for Asset Allocators in Outsourcing Investment Operations

This paper explores why allocators should give serious consideration to outsourcing all or part of their investment operations.


The First Step in Improving Investment Operations: Managing All Those Fund Documents

Documents from Fund Managers need to be captured, categorized, scraped for information, sorted and made accessible when needed.


Stats, Stat

SS&C Asset Allocator technology-powered solutions can help with your allocation needs for all fund types and family offices

Our Services Combine Advanced Technology with Specialized Expertise

Fund Data Aggregation and Analysis – Gain a consolidated view of fund, SMA and related investments with real-time performance and risk metrics.

Document Management – Leverage artificial intelligence to capture, categorize, organize and extract data from fund manager notices, statements and other documents for accounting and valuation needs.

Operations Support – Take advantage of a dedicated service team to process transactions (subscriptions, redemptions and capital call notices), collect, reconcile and process investment data, and maintain the IBOR.

Accounting Support – Our portfolio accounting experts leverage sophisticated and accounting software to improve accounting timeliness and accuracy and maintain an up-to-date ABOR.


Primary Drivers of Operational Risk for Asset Allocators

Over the past few years, asset allocators have grown beyond managing money for a single organization or pool, and operational risk grows as processes grow.


Managing Fund Documents with Next-Generation Technology

Asset allocators have to process a massive number of documents as a byproduct of investments, which need to be immediately categorized and sorted.