Transform your participant engagement and education with SS&C’s new Personalized Financial Wellness Center


With employees under increased financial stress and participants increasingly expecting tailored and relevant experiences, personalized financial education and wellness solutions matter more than ever to your business.

If you want to remain relevant and competitive, you need a targeted, flexible wellness solution that delivers a compelling, tailor-made experience.

With the flexibility to customize modules to your needs, the Personalized Financial Wellness Center allows you to select modules that matter most to your business.

The Center’s modular framework and rich content, robust tools, and interactive features can serve as the base for a turnkey, educational platform or a comprehensive financial digital center.

  • Improve employee loyalty through increased engagement with the retirement plan and/or benefits incentives.
  • Reduce overall operational cost savings by helping employees retire on time.
  • Ease of implementation lowers demand on in-house resources and shortens time to market.
  • Increase client engagement and activity via an interactive, mobile-friendly user experience
  • Improve business insights with a comprehensive reporting suite