SS&C provides market-leading technology solutions to support the entire commercial real estate financing lifecycle – from loan origination through closing, and post-close servicing, accounting and asset management.

Support for the entire loan lifecycle


Precision LM

The key to Precision LM’s value for commercial/multifamily lenders and servicers is its integrated and comprehensive design – eliminating inefficient, disparate systems and manual processes. This single platform approach addresses all aspects of the loan life cycle, among them pipeline tracking, servicing and accounting, asset management and investor reporting. You get better results derived from straight-through processing delivering immediate, accurate information, with the utmost flexibility to align with the way you do business.

Asset Management

  • Upload, store and report on financial statements, rent rolls, appraisals and inspections
  • Covenant Tracking, Watchlist and CREFC IRP Reporting
  • Distressed Debt, Forbearance, Modifications & Workout


  • Robust multi-basis and multi-currency accounting
  • Track fees and expenses, and defer/amortize over the life of the loan
  • Configurable accounting policies to meet your requirements


  • Real-time payment and transaction processing
  • Automated Money Movement, Bank Reconciliation & Treasury Management
  • Responsive borrower self-service web portal for secure 24x7 access to loan information
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Intralinks provides the most comprehensive platform for CRE issuers and deal teams combining our best-in-class virtual data room (VDR); our deal marketing solution to streamline investor outreach and track engagement; security features including data encryption in-transit and at-rest, granular permissioning, document retraction and redaction; compliance reporting with full audits of user activity; and more.

Origination and Deal Prep

  • Collaborate with borrower teams via a VDR
  • Share and view market updates, funding plan, debt comps, financial models and more
  • Set up a prep VDR to stage and structure documents and folders for the actual deal


  • Streamline investor outreach
  • Send presale docs, prospectuses, offering memos
  • Conduct a virtual roadshow
  • Track activity and gauge investor engagement
  • Begin bookbuilding

Due Diligence

  • Centralize and secure documents
  • Facilitate efficient credit risk analysis
  • Consolidate questions and answers between stakeholders

Closing and Sale

  • Maintain complete archive of all deal documents
  • Access reports of all deal activity
  • Use archive for compliance reporting or secondary loan sales
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Servicing, Accounting, Asset Management, Investor Reporting and Origination

Precision LM™ provides a single integrated servicing platform for all commercial/multifamily loan products, including complex participations and investor structures.

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VDRPro for Financing Deal Lifecycle

The pioneering virtual data room (VDR) for the financing deal lifecycle is now better than ever. With state-of-the-art features and performance upgrades, capital markets professionals can work even more productively to reach investors faster and get deals done.

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DealMarketing Brochure

Intralinks DealMarketing

Timing is everything for dealmakers in today’s hyper-competitive, remote working world. Intralinks DealMarketing gives deal teams a faster route to investors and a clearer view of the best prospects.

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